Heathenism in Main Stream Society

By Ásfridr Godardsdottir

Heathenism in main stream society is often miscued as a religion with racial ties. When indeed it is quite the opposite. Yeah there are those few shall I say who bastardized the old ways. Ignorance is not bliss. Be aware and open minded, you might learn a thing or two


I myself find the biggest misconceived notion of Ásatrú is that it’s just a religion of what the “cool kids” are getting into. They to, like the Neo nazis will weed themselves out. My point may seem harsh, but I feel being called back to the old ways is just that, A Calling! A calling from our Ancestors to our true self. The mighty Tyr did not sacrifice his arm to the Fenrir wolf for no reason at all. He did it to bind the wolf until Ragnarok where the wolf will join the giants against the final battle of the gods

Heathenism here in America can be a very solitary thing unless you know other Heathens, which can be hard to find at times. I myself am self taught and and still learning everyday! I’ve been on my path for about 18 months. I’m an empath so I’m very “touched” with the gift of Spaë. My family doesn’t agree with my beliefs but as I always tell them, ” I wasn’t born to follow”!


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