Frazier Glenn Cross does NOT represent most Heathens and Pagans

The recent shooting in a Kansas City synagogue by Frazier Glenn Cross is a terrible hate crime. Anyone with a heart is mourning for the families of the victims.  When situations like this happen, it is natural to look for reasons and causes for the violence. In this case, the shooter was a known white supremacist with strong anti-Semitic feelings.

However, news reports, such as this one by CNN, are reporting that Cross is an “Odinist.”  The story goes on to explain that Odinism is a racist religion.

It is important to note that, as with ALL religions, there are many branches of belief that represent the revival of Pagan faiths around the world.  There are MANY examples of “ethnic” pagan revival among all various races and cultures around the world. The revival of an indigenous, ancestral belief system is not unique among those of Germanic descent. There are examples of people returning to the faiths of their ancestors all around the world.  Because of the ancestral element, yes there is an emphasis on ethnic culture.  HOWEVER, in most cases this is completely separate from ANY “purist” ideologies.  In other words, Germanic pagans aim to respect their ancestors in the same way that Polynesian, or Native American, or African tribesmen respect and revere theirs.  Respect for one’s ancestors in no way directly implies  a supremacist ideology.

Are there people who twist supremacy into their interpretation of Norse paganism? Sure.  But, there are a lot of racist nuts twisting their supremacy into their version of Christianity and Islam, too.

Do some religions support racism in their holy texts? Absolutely. But there is no one holy text adhered to dogmatically in Asatru.  Followers of Asatru (called Asatruar or Heathens) look to the old legends and lore (found in the Norse Eddas and Sagas) for wisdom and understanding of the Old Religion.  And these texts do NOT underscore race or encourage “purity” in any way, shape, or form.  If someone inserts that into the religion, they do it of their own volition.

The majority of the Heathen and Pagan community bear no ill will to the Jewish community, or other ethnic and religious groups.  Our hearts break over this travesty, and go out to the victims.  We must stand up and be vocal to let the world know that we do NOT support Frazier Glenn Cross or his wicked ideals.

By signing this petition, we are letting the world know that Frazier Glenn Cross does NOT represent us as Heathens, Pagans, and Asatruar and we harbor nothing but sympathy for the people he hurt.



3 thoughts on “Frazier Glenn Cross does NOT represent most Heathens and Pagans

  1. thelettuceman

    There’s an unfortunate amount of misinformation coming from the groups that supposedly guard against racist organizations. Even a cursory look at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website has a ton of misinformation, easily recognizable and searchable. There’s an article that you can find when searching for “Odinism” that is so horribly misinformed (Apparently, American Asatru is an innately racist religion?). Even if it has been redacted in the sixteen years that this article was written, there’s been no motion to try to purge the misinformation from their records.

    At least the ADL makes sure to say Odinism isn’t a racist religion in its own right.

    The sadly amusing thing about this whole situation to me is that I was just reading an article posted by a Heathen, saying that they weren’t going to try to “hunt down” racist Heathens anymore, because it doesn’t matter and they have no right to persecute someone because of their beliefs, or something like that. Do we want skinheads? Because this is how we get skinheads.


    1. northerngrove Post author

      We had a brush with this last year. An author for Searchlight Magazine was writing an expose’ on racism within Germanic paganism and used a bunch of prominent FB pages and comments made on them as evidence. I think she was attempting to use my page as an example of one of the “good ones” and she quoted a statement of mine eschewing racism, but the way it was worded it was difficult to tell if she was including us with the other pages or not… Heathens everywhere slammed the website with comments and emails and the article was taken down.

      1. thelettuceman

        I remember that, I was one of them. People are too easily swayed by broad brushstrokes, I think.

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