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Donar (and the limits of my imagination)

Nice post on Thor by a Dutch pagan blogger

Pagan Layman

On Tuesday I wrote about the power of imagination. Today I write about its limits. There are some places my imagination does not wish to go. Donar (West-Germanic cognate to Thor) is one of the gods I have difficulty imagining. I admire oak trees. And I enjoy being out and about when the summer storms rage. And he is one of the few gods of whom scholars are certain he was revered in these lands, thus part of this land and of my ancestral heritage. Yet Donar does not come alive in my mind.

Stories usually help to create a lively image of a god. But perhaps, in the case of Donar/Thor, it is exactly the amount of information available that  restricts me in this regard. He is well represented in the Eddas and works of art. He has always been popular and even has his own jewellery line…

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